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Rucksack or baby changing bag?

A rucksack / backpack for many parents can be a good alternative to a baby changing bag. The main advantage of a rucksack is that it can be comfortably worn on your back keeping your hands free. For those with a more active lifestyle, a baby changing rucksack is often seen as the more practical option.

All the rucksacks that we offer on Lafyne have larger and better padded baby changing mats than what you normally would find. It is essential your baby has somewhere comfortable to lie on whilst having their nappy changed, so we've made this a priority. All the rucksacks that we offer also have a more minimal yet urban design, making them look great on both woman and men alike.

From the more economical rucksack offering from Lafyne, to the beautiful rucksacks from Boo Poo which are handmade in Europe, we are sure you will find a baby changing rucksack to suit your needs.